The “Anything Loan”

A Revolutionary Platform for Borrowers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Auctions, Resellers, and Distributors

Point of Sale Commercial Financing Program with Speed - Ease - Simplicity

T.A.L.K. provides the perfect solution for Commercial Borrowers seeking financing for in store or on line purchases from $500.00 – $150,000.00. The highlights to our program include:

✧ Instant on line credit review and approvals up to $15,000.00

✧ 4 hour credit approvals up to $35,000.00

✧ 24 hour credit approvals up to $150,000– application only  and no financial statements required

✧ Financing for start ups

✧ Financing for all credit types A-D

✧ E-documents to close the sale

✧ Finance programs that apply for in-store and online purchases

✧ Financing available for all products

✧ 24/7 availability! Our on line platform never sleeps and is available all day every day, weekend and holidays included

✧ Vendor and customer portal to provide constant communication as to the status of every deal

✧ Our coverage in financing all equipment and soft costs, like shipping and installation

Ask about our consumer P.O.S, Chassis Finance and our new Charge Card Program.

Applying is quick and simple!

1) Apply    2) Select your offer   3) Get $$$

Sellers, Distributors, and Manufacturers

Offer financing– why partner with TALK?

Ask about our consumer point of sale and charge card programs!