Does this Affect My Credit Score?

Submitting your information for a pre-approval through T.A.L.K. does not impact your credit score.

How Much Can I Apply For?

Our lending partners offer loans up to $50,000. They will consider your credit score, income and other factors to determine how much to offer you.

What does pre-qualification mean?

Pre-qualification means that the lending partner has reviewed the information you submitted through T.A.L.K. and conditionally approved you for a loan with certain terms. You finish the final loan application directly with one of our lending partners.

How long does it take to get my loan funded?

Our lending partners are among the fastest in the industry. Your loan can fund in as little as one day.

Can I borrow to consolidate my debt?

Yes! You may borrow from one of our lending partners to consolidate your payment into one payment. This can result in a lower interest rate and can help your credit score.

Can I prepay my loan early without penalty?

Typically, our lending partners allow you to prepay your loan without penalty. Please see the product details for each lender for more information.