The “Anything Loan”

A unique funding platform that provides sellers with point of sale financing options for consumer and commercial buyers

The Anything Loan Kompany (T.A.L.K) works with individuals and businesses to find the financing that they need to grow, thrive, and purchase ANYTHING desired. With our extensive marketplace of lenders, we find our clients the best financing solutions. We pride ourselves on making lending simple and easily accessible for everyone, making for a trusted, proven user experience.

T.A.L.K. has designed a business partner program designed to enable the strengths of each partner while supporting and assisting their individual business goals and objectives.

Increase sales & streamline operations

Increase custom conversion by offering various fast & easy financing options.

Funding is usually approved within a day, so deals close faster.

Our application is cell friendly and optimized so customers can use any device.

Our financing options cover all credit types from excellent to sub-prime customers.

Offer point of purchase consumer and commercial financing

Increase sales volume and conversion by offering instantaneous credit at point of purchase.

  • One application, multiple lenders
  • More approvals for e-commerce and retail locations
  • Customized to meet your specific growth and profit projections
  • Add a Finance This link – embed and customize financing links on your website and your other marketing programs
  • Simple process available on any device – computer, laptop, mobile
  • Online check-out

Increase your sales

Increase conversion by offering transparent credit at point of sale.

Increase the average ticket size

Paying over time allows users to spend more while paying less every month.

Approve customers of all credit types

From prime to sub prime, from $500 to $5mm– available in all 50 states.

Get paid always

You get paid right after the sale, with no risk of recourse.

No risk, no recourse

Increase brand loyalty.

Receive 100% of selling price

Parts, labor, shipping, and installation financing.

Competitive Comparison

Programs OfferedT.A.L.K.Competitors
Private Label
programs available
Personal Loans
Servicings A to D credit for up to 5 years
Virtual Credit Card
Innovative New Program!
Equipment Leasing
Servicing A to D credit tiers for up to 5 years
Personal Loans for Businesses & Startups
Services A to D credit tiers for up to 5 years

Add financing to your site – three easy steps

Step 1

Sign up using the “Let’s Get Started” button below.

Step 2

Customize the link to your liking to best match the style of your website or listing.

Step 3

Activate the link and copy the corresponding code and paste it into your site’s HTML.

Just a few of the companies we’ve worked with over the last 15 years.